“The taste of your dressing took me back to my childhood and the summers I used to spend with my grandparents.”

Toney | Colorado

“Our family of four LOVES your dressing.”

Mary | Missouri

“I have been a 'Dorothy' fan for years! There is none like it!"

Debbie | Colorado

“We recommend your dressing to each of our patients. It not only fits their nutritional needs, it tastes good too!”

Cardiac Dietician | Nebraska

“My family loves Dorothy Lynch. We use it not only on salad but also on steak and other meat products.”

Michele | Iowa

“I have loved your product since I was a child.”

Cathleen | Kansas

“I love Dorothy Lynch dressing, as does my family. We have been using it for years…”

Janelle | Iowa

"I make my wife carry a bottle of it in her purse when we go to Vegas."


"Your dressing tastes wonderful. I think we go through a bottle a week!"

Tiffany | Kansas

"I'm an avid user of your dressing using it on everything from lettuce salads to barbecue sauce on chicken and burgers."

Dennis | Minnesota