The History of Dorothy Lynch

Yes, there really and truly was a Dorothy Lynch. In the late 1940s, Dorothy and her husband ran the restaurant at the local Legion Club in St. Paul, Nebraska. This is where the original recipe for Dorothy Lynch Home Style Dressing was born. As the Legion Club members were introduced to this delicious recipe, the legend of Dorothy Lynch began to grow and the dressing fast became a "must-have" favorite. Stories of local people bringing their own bottle or jug to town to have it filled with "that delicious Dorothy Lynch salad dressing" were quite common.

In 1964, Tasty-Toppings, Inc. purchased the recipe and rights to Dorothy Lynch and built a production facility in Columbus, Nebraska. The company later expanded its production capacity with a modern 64,000 square foot plant in Duncan, Nebraska. This is where every bottle of Dorothy Lynch Home Style is produced today.

Responding to changing nutrition and health issues, Dorothy Lynch 100% Fat Free Dressing was introduced in 1993.

In 2010, the company made the switch from its long-time glass “vinegar-style” bottle to a distinctive hourglass plastic bottle. The new packaging is easily recycled, BPA-free and meets the growing demand for environmentally conscious products. It’s also lighter in weight and more user-friendly for smaller hands, while a full-length, shrink-wrapped label helps resist UV rays to extend freshness.

In 2013, the formula was changed to be gluten free. The taste remains the same, however now the millions of consumers suffering from Celiac Disease can enjoy the sweet and spicy, one-of-a-kind taste of Dorothy Lynch. 

Today, Dorothy Lynch Home Style Dressing and Fat Free Dressing are retailed by thousands of grocery stores in 35 states and distributed by 41 food service companies. Our delicious dressing is available in some eastern states via specialty distributors.